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Ameren Missouri Lighting Rebates



ELS offers lighting products that are DLC - DesignLights Consortium® and Utility approved, which allows you to receive rebates on products you purchase from us. The products featured below should be rebate eligible with Ameren Missouri.

For additional information on our LED Products, please feel free to email or contact us at 888-702-5530 ext. 113.

Below are a list of services we provide to assist you in receiving your eligible energy rebate.

(1) Provide you with the Terms and Conditions to determine if you are eligible for a rebate

(2) …We verify that our prescribed lighting product(s) that you are going to purchase and install
meet the eligibility requirements listed with the Ameren Missouri Qualified Products List (QPL). 

(3) Projects that include all Standard measures do not require pre-approval unless the incentive is anticipated
to be more than $10,000. For incentives more than $10,000, please see Custom Incentive below. Eligibility for
a Standard Incentive requires customers to install measures achieving a minimum total incentive of $150 per
application. All Standard Incentive applications must be submitted within 180 days of equipment invoice date.

(4) …Purchase and install qualifying product(s) during the rebate eligibility term.

(5) ……Completion of the application.

(6) …Include a copy of your invoice(s) as proof of purchase. …Submit completed application form and invoice(s)